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AD INFINITUM – Lockdown doesn’t stop the creativity

Ad Infinitum, a relatively “new” band, is the last pleasant interview with Verorock and like any self-respecting interview, we like to zap over the material produced, especially videos (live and studio) which can be interesting to understand the soul of the group.
The band at first sight has a fairly commercial proposal, but if we go deeper we will discover that the ideas are there and the style is not exactly obvious. Here’s what Korbinian, their bass player, told us.

Hello Korbinian, how are you? I’m Sabrina from and I’m glad to be able to send you this interview for our webzine.
What are you doing in this period?

Hello Sabrina, I’m Korbinian, the bass plater; thanks for having us at! Currently we are doing interviews, for the release of the Chapter II.
Unfortunately, the last show in this year got cancelled because of the high numbers of covid here in Germany. But we are already planning the next year 2022 will be a phenomenal year filled with exciting tours, festival and news.

Your very first album has been conceived during the 2020 lockdown, quite a bad period for everybody in this world. Being the first “work”, how has it been to produce it with people that just started to be your band and especially in that situation?
The timing for our first album couldn’t have been any worse. The pandemic hit us and our plans for the promotion of Chapter I hard. The production of it was contrary to the pandemic a delight. We enjoy working together. And although it was hard work and many late hours we are very proud of what we achieved with our debut album.
We even decided to use the forced staying at home time because of the pandemic and quickly produced Chapter I Revisited.

Tell us a bit about your second album, Legacy. How would you describe it? It came out quite quickly after the first one, so maybe you already had a lot of material since the beginning and this is a good sign of inspiration.
For our second album we decided to listen to our guts and take the risk to produce it ourselves. We had a clear vision how we wanted the songs to be and sound like and we just did it. For the orchestrations we worked together with Elias Holmlid and mixing and mastering was done by Jacob Hansen.
We would describe the songs as a natural evolution from Chapter I. The sound is a bit more modern, more heavy and evil and sometimes a hint of djent. All of this packed into thundering drums and catchy hook-lines combined with intense lyrics.
As you said, the times are very frustrating and hard for musicians in this pandemic, but we decided not to be discouraged but to move on. So, we sat down and wrote the songs for Chapter II and voila – after some months of hard work, there is a new album.

The artwork of the album, the “Afterlife” video, show Melissa as the only one without a mask and all the other guys with it. What kind of meaning you give to the mask?
The masks are part of our visual concept. But they evolve with us as we evolve and change. When you look at the artwork of Chapter I you notice a big difference to the ones in Chapter II. And for the next album, they will change once again. Be prepared… 😉

Many people think that in your genre there are already so many metal bands. Personally I don’t think this is something that should stop someone, if their music is cool and have anyway original vibes. What can you tell us about it?
We agree with you on that. We have an inner urge to write and play our songs and if people like it – that’s very cool! We are so thankful for every bit of support we receive!
Also, we don’t want to sound like other bands that might be in the same genre. We work hard for having our own signature sound. That even goes beyond the limits of genre names like symphonic or power metal. We sing and play what feels right to us.

What is your fav song among the two albums and why?
That’s very hard to answer. They are all so dear to our hearts, it’s like asking a parent to pick their favourite child. It’s impossible! What we are more interested is what you – the listeners of our songs – think is our best song of each album.

Who decided to get Nils Molin (Dynazty & Amaranthe) for “Afterlife” and for which reason?
We decided this together as a band to have a guest vocalist. It was very quickly decided that the track should be Afterlife. Then we were brainstorming who we could ask and literally the first one was Nils. He is one of the best singers in the metal business and we are so honoured and thankful that he said yes and sang with us on this song! His voice fits so perfectly to Melissa and together they bring the song to another level.

Which is the main difference between the first and second album?
In our opinion the main difference is the fact that we self-produced the album. Also, we grew and got more mature as musicians and songwriters. We all contributed to the album and worked together on it. It has an imprint of our four characters in each song.

Should we expect a 3rd chapter very soon?
That depends on what the next year will bring us and if the pandemic hopefully will be over soon, but of course we are already thinking about it and made some plans, but they are in an early stage. I hope you understand that I can’t share them with you right now.
One thing that I can tell you is that there will very soon be something happening related to Chapter II. So watch out … 😉

Will we see you on tour as a next step? Maybe also in Italy? I’ve seen a bunch of dates in 2022, but not sure it’s complete.
Planning tours and gigs in 2022 is still very hard because of the pandemic. But there are some planned and will be published when the time is right. It is still unforeseeable when the covid pandemic will ever end.
The only thing we can promise that we will not be discouraged, we will carry on and as soon as it is possible, we will be out there playing for you. And future tours through Europe will of course also cover Italy. We are so looking forward to it!

Thank you very much for your time! This is the classical and not original question (but most adored) where you can leave your own goodbye to your Italian fans!
Thank you so much for having us on your webzine! We appreciate it very much! We want to say thank you to everyone that is supporting Ad Infinitum, who listens to our music, watches our videos! It means the world to us!
As soon as possible we will be out on the road and we are so looking forward to play in Italy!
See you soon!

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